Q & A – Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism

happy older woman e1481558859150Q: I’m having cataract surgery and I’m fine with wearing reading glasses, however I would love to not rely on glasses for distance vision. Is that possible even though I have astigmatism?

A: Since you have astigmatism, the astigmatism may be contained within the lens that we would remove and then replace with an artificial lens, or it may be a lenticular astigmatism which means that the astigmatism is contained within the cornea. In the latter case, you might be a good candidate for what is called a Toric IOL. A Toric IOL acts much like Toric contact lens but instead of being on your cornea, it is actually part of the lens that we would replace within your eye that is designed to counteract your astigmatism. Most patients that have a Toric lens are extremely satisfied with their results and most see 20/20 or better in the distance. Most importantly, most patients that have a Toric IOL no longer have to rely on glasses for distance vision.

There’s been additional advancements in cataract surgery such as ORA intraoperative aberrometer. ORA allows us to take real-time measurements during cataract surgery, so after your cataract is removed and the artificial Toric lens is placed, the ORA can help us fine tune your procedure to give you optimal results. To learn more, ask your eye doctor if Toric lenses or ORA might be right for you.

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