How to Give Your Eyes a Little Bit of Love and Attention This Valentine’s Day

  • Posted on: Feb 15 2019
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Yes, it’s true, Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling the one that you love and showering them with candy and roses, but it’s also about spoiling yourself. This year, make sure that you take care of your vision and give it a little bit of attention it needs. But how?

Get An Eye Exam

Can you remember the last time that you had your eyes examined? On average, you should get your eyes checked every year, which means that if you’re passed your one year mark, that it’s definitely time to get them checked. During your eye exam, we will check your eyes for vision problems, dryness, eye diseases, and any other division concerns that you may have.

Buy New Shades

Having a good pair of sunglasses is one of the best ways to keep your eyes shielded from the sun. When you’re out shopping for a pair of sunglasses, make sure that you don’t just in da pair that makes you look good but makes rue that hey also have both UVA and UVB protection. Why? Because both forms of UV light put you at a greater risk of developing sun damage. Additionally, tyr to buy sunglasses that have wide frames so that they over more than your eyes but that they cover the delicate sun around your eyes as well.

Change Out Your Eye Makeup

If you have an old tube of mascara or eyeshadow that you just can’t part with, then here’s your chance to go shopping. Old mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow can harbor germs which can lead to eye infections. Make sure that you change out your eye makeup on a regular basis so that you can baby your eyes.

Take care yourself and your vision this valentine’s day and schedule your eye exam with us. Call our Chardon or Mentor office and give us a call at (440) 286-1188.

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