What Chlorine Can Do To Your Eyes

Eye careDo you remember coming out of the swimming pool as a little kid with your eyes feeling like they were on fire? If you think about it, you probably weren’t wearing goggles while you were swimming. Even though chlorine is excellent at keeping germs away, it can also dry your eyes out and leave them feeling beyond irritated. Before you think about letting your kids skimp on the goggles, let’s take a closer look at what chlorine does to your eyes.

It Can Dry Them Out

Your tears in your eyes are designed to hydrate them and keep them protected from dirt and irritants. When your eyes are dry,  it can cause a host of problems including vision issues. When your eyes come into direct contact with chlorinated water, it will almost immediately dry them out which can cause them to become extremely inflamed, dry, and irritated. To help keep your eyes moisturized, you can do a variety of things including wearing goggles while in the pool, closing your eyes while swimming under the water, and using some hydrating eye drops when you get out of the swimming pool.

It Can Leave Them Dirty

Our eyes are a sensitive organ, and when anything foreign comes into contact with them, it can cause severe irritation. Not only does chlorinated water cause irritation, but imagine what else is in the pool. All of that dirt, human skin, bacteria, leaves, or anything else can get into your eyes and cause a host of other problems. To keep your eyes as clean and protected as possible, don’t get into the swimming pool unless you have goggles on.

Goggles aren’t just critical for diving for things in the pool when you’re little; they are our eyes number one defense against chlorine. If you want to learn a little bit more about how you can keep your eyes protected, contact us at our Mentor office at (440) 205-5840.

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