Back to School: 3 Ways to Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2019
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Nothing can hurt your heart quite as much as seeing that your child is struggling either socially, emotionally, or educationally. With the new school year here, it’s important to ensure that your child starts off on the right foot by getting the basics in order like having a schedule, getting them a tutor if they need it, packing their lunches everyday, taking them to the doctor for a checkup, and making sure they can see well.After all, if your child can’t see well, they are more likely going to struggle in school compared to their classmates. So, how can you tell if your child needs glasses? Let’s take a closer look and see.

They Rub Their eyes a lot

Have you noticed that your kid is constantly rubbing their eyes but they don’t’ have any allergy symptoms? When kids are having a hard time seeing, they may rub their eyes in order to try to get their eyes to see more clearly.

They are constantly fatigued

Having a kid who is always tired and grumpy can make everyone in your house miserable. If your kid gets enough sleep at night but they say that their eyes feel tired, it could either mean that they are staring at a screen too much or it could mean that they are straining their eyes which can make them feel tired.

They get headaches a lot

Kids should not get regular headaches. If your child is complaining that her head hurts all of time, make sure that they are drinking enough water and eating well. If your child is constantly having to squint their eyes in order to read or see in front of them, this can cause a strain on their eyes which can result in headaches. Hopefully after they get glasses, the headaches will subside.

They can’t see the board at school

The biggest telltale sign that your child is having a hard time seeing is if they can’t see the board at school. Whether your child sits at the back of the classroom or at the front, if they are having a hard time seeing what their teacher is hitting on the board, then that’s a big sign that they need glasses.

We always tell our parents that it never hurts to get their kids eyes tested if they just aren’t sure if they have vision problems, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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