4 Tips for Minimizing Dry Eyes This Winter

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2019
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Dry Eye Cleveland OHJust like your skin drying out in the wintertime, your eyes may also have a hard time staying lubricated with the cooler temperatures too. Air inside and outdoors tends to be drier this time of year and this lack of moisture can aggravate your eyes as well as cause dryness, irritation, and discomfort. As an unpleasant added bonus, if you tend to suffer from allergies or wear contact lenses, you may be even more susceptible to dry eye irritation during the fall and wintertime. If this sounds familiar to you, check out these four tips to help alleviate and prevent eye discomfort and dryness all season long.

  1. Blink

Blinking may seem like a simple solution for dry eyes, but it actually does help. When you close your eyes or blind, you help to redistribute moisture by creating a tear film over the front of your eye. Keeping your eyes wet and lubricated is key to combating dryness.

  1. Use artificial tears or eye drops when needed

If your own tears aren’t enough moisture, you may want to check out artificial tears or eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated. There are several over-the-counter options on the market including various gels, drops, and lubricants. If possible, avoid drops that claim to remove redness. These drops tend to irritate your eyes further by temporarily constricting the blood vessels in your eyes.

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Again, avoiding rubbing your eyes may seem like an obvious suggestion but it can be hard to put into practice. Many people have a habit or natural reflex to rub your eyes, especially when they’re dry but do your best to break this habit. Rubbing your eyes can lead to swelling and cause painful corneal abrasions.

  1. Wear your sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just a stylish accessory; they do actually help protect your eyes. If you only wear sunglasses during the summer, you may be doing your eyes a disservice. Sunglasses help to protect your eyes against wind and damaging UV rays. Always have a pair on-hand, especially if you go outside on a sunny winter day.

We hope these tips help to prevent or help with your dry eyes this winter. However, if you deal with dry eyes on a regular basis, consider scheduling a consultation with us today at our Chardon office at (440) 286-1188 or our Mentor office at (440) 205-5840.

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