How LASIK Can Change Your Life

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2020
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Embrace a new you for the new year and new decade. If you’ve been considering LASIK, there’s no better time than the present to change your life. Your vision can dramatically impact the way you experience life and there are myriad ways that getting LASIK can improve your life, that you may not have thought about including helping you achieve some of your other New Year’s resolutions.

Travel is more convenient

If you’re a contact wearer, traveling means packing enough contacts for your trip as well as contact solution. With airlines limiting the number of liquids you can take with you on the plane and charging hefty fees for checking luggage, space is now at a premium. If you’re a glasses wearer you may not have to worry about those issues as much, but you do have to have separate prescription sunglasses for tropical locations and you can forget about buying cheap sunglasses on the street if you forget yours. Flying is also easier, your eyes won’t dry out due to the recycled air on the plane making contacts unpleasant. Or if you wear glasses, you don’t have to worry about leaving them in the seatback pocket, hotel room, or taxi.

Exercise is easier

Without worrying about glasses or contacts, strenuous or more intense workouts open up to you. Many patients rave about how much they love to go swimming without having to worry about using goggles or contacts anymore.

Opens you up to new experiences

You may not realize how much your glasses or contacts are holding you back from life experiences. Ever wanted to ride a motorcycle? Sometimes wearing contacts on a motorcycle can be a very dry and unpleasant experience. What about the simple fact that people see you better? You’re not constantly hiding behind glasses that take away from your natural appearance.

If these don’t seem like good enough or compelling reasons, you may also be interested in other things like makeup is easier to put on, you can see the TV better, you can see things in general better, no more worrying about checkups or prescription lenses, being able to see when you wake up in the middle of the night, etc.

The positives of LASIK are endless and can truly change your life. If you’re looking for something this new year that will give you more freedom and spontaneity, now is a great time to consider LASIK. Call our Chardon office at (440) 286-1188 or the Mentor office at (440) 205-5840 to schedule a consultation today.

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