How do you prevent glaucoma?

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2020
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adobestock 286990504 1Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve and the leading cause of blindness for people over the age of 60. When fluid builds up in the front part of the eye, it increases the pressure in your eye, damaging the nerve. As vision loss from glaucoma is silent and slow, is there a way to prevent glaucoma? Read on to learn about ways you can prevent against significant glaucoma damage.

Eye exams

The best way to detect glaucoma at its earliest, most treatable stages, is regular eye exams. There is no known way of preventing glaucoma, but detecting it in the early stages means you can treat it with glaucoma medications to slow the progression and reduce intraocular pressure to avoid damage to the optic nerve.

If you are under the age of 40, you should have your eyes checked for glaucoma every 2-4 years. From ages 40 to 54, check every 1-3 years. From ages 55 to 64, check every 1-2 years. After the age of 65, your eyes should be checked every 6-12 months. If you have high risk factors, including diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, or are of African descent, you should be tested every 1-2 years after the age of 35.


It’s no secret that many health benefits come from regular exercise. Studies show that moderate exercise such as walking three or more times every week can reduce intraocular eye pressure. While yoga can be a great exercise, be sure to avoid inverted positions such as headstands, which can increase intraocular pressure.

Protective eyewear

If you participate in sports activities or home improvement projects that come with an eye injury risk, be sure to wear protective eyewear. Eye injuries can result in glaucoma.

The best way to prevent eye diseases or detect them at their earliest, most treatable stages, is by scheduling regular eye exams. Schedule your next exam by calling (440) 286-1188.

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