Lasik Faqs

Q: How much does LASIK cost?

A: The cost of LASIK varies from practice to practice, and it varies by a lot. Your typical LASIK “mill” wherein low-experience surgeons are brought in to perform multiple surgeries in one heavy day can have prices that we’ve seen as low as $299 per eye. Compare that to the other extreme, where some surgeons charge close to $10,000 for bilateral procedures.These variations are predicated on differences in surgeon experience, technology, location, overhead, and many other factors. At Insight Eye Center, our price is very reasonable, all things considered, but the price does vary from patient-to-patient based on factors that are best left discussed with Dr. Rom or our staff. We do offer 0% financing to patients through CareCredit for all our procedures.

Q:What are the visual outcomes of most patients?

A: In FDA clinical trials, the vast majority of patients see 20/20 or better after LASIK – in fact, more than half experience vision that is 20/16 or better afterwards.

Q: Can everyone have LASIK?

A: No, about 65% to 80% of patients are good LASIK candidates. Some practices will offer a second opinion on what “good candidacy” is, and will claim that 90% of people are “great candidates”, but we always err on the side of caution. We aren’t willing to perform LASIK on patients with contraindications just to make a quick buck, because we really do have our patients’ best interests in mind.

For a full list of risks and side effects, click here.


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